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Operation Twin Skin

So one of the things we all face as multiples moms is the dreaded postpartum body. I made it all the way to 32 weeks before my skin broke, and when it did my stretch marks popped up like gremlins fed after midnight. Horrific. Add to this PUPPPS and I was sure my body was completely done for.

In total I gained 47 pounds by the time I delivered the twins at 38 weeks, 2 days. By one week postpartum I had already lost 26 pounds. I've been wearing a belly binder called the Cinch and it's done wonders for my back support and has helped keep my insides feeling like insides instead of all overs. Breastfeeding has also helped with the weight loss. I'm a lot happier with my postpartum body than I thought I could/would be.

My stretch marks were always white (until they were filled with PUPPPS rashes), and they are pretty bad, but maybe I can recover? I'm hoping if I can get my belly close to flat that laser surgery can fix the damaged skin. Joe and I aren't done having babies - we still have two frosties to go back for - and I'm too big of a bush to get a tummy tuck once our path to parenthood is over.

Since I was always curious what people looked like postpartum, I've decided to share the wealth by documenting my progress here for all to see. I plan on taking pictures on the babies' weekly birthday; these pictures will replace my Wordless Wednesday posts for a while. Hopefully they'll leave me wordless in a good way and not because I'm crouched down rocking myself gently in my closet. :)


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