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little string of pom pom dingle dangle~ness ...


good grief! 
where oh where has march run away to?
did you think i had forgotten? did you think old Tif was beginning to wander from her little stringy path. well i would not blame you for thinking such things. for indeedy, i have gotten March's little string of happy giveway in by the skin of my teeth /////////////////////////// oh! do you see that little pattern, it just happened, when i was trying to delete, instead i did this ////////////////////////// well that is quite peachy looking and so i think i will leave it just as it is

so there we have it, right on the very last day of March we have a 'little string of pom pom dingle dangle~ness' to give away, and not just one, but three. 
how marvelous indeedy.

these little strings are quite easy peasy to make, i do not have pics to show how you do so, but its quite easy to explain.
make 2 pom poms leaving tails (one larger than the other)
thread together
add a vintage cotton spool
add a button onto your thread

add a little saying typed on paper

add a little crepe paper flower or more if you wish
at the top of your itty bitty paper, tie another string for dingle dangling

so if perchance you think your nest may like a little pom pom dingle dangle~ness going on, then please do the following things

1: leave your name and a way to get hold of you. an email address or obvious link through to somewhere that has your email or contact details within easy reach, so i am not on a wild goose chase

2: tell me the nicest thing that happened to you this month, or perhaps the nicest thing you did for another

3: do not fret if you do not see your comment appear at once for i moderate my comments and will check in from time to time to publish them. please, just one comment per dearie.

4: ummmm, ///////////////// nope, cannot think there is anything else i am missing

5. yes! silly, there is! i have 3 of these little strings this month to give away so there are 3 winners and i will announce them this friday

6. this giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere around this old world of ours

righty ho, upwards and onwards to April it is ....

things to note of the little critter kind ...

thing one:
last night whilst watching a spot of telly i noted a scrabbling noise, i also noted Mister Muchly and Little Olive were entranced by the telly 

and thus it could not be them. 
on close inspection after lots of "shhhh, hush, be quiet, listen" it has become apparent Samuel Whiskers is back for a visit and a sneaky 'you can hear me, but you can't catch me' visit, for he is living in the wall. i have voiced my dislike of his company quite loudly through the wall and told him i hope this will be an end to the situation. however if its the Samuel Whiskers who visited a few years back, i have a feeling he will be staying for a while and bringing his clan with him.

thing two: 
alas and alack, a few weeks back Twiglet Piglet came to stay, (well that bit was not alas and alack, for we wanted her to come and stay. the alas and alack bit happened shortly afterwards) 

all things were going most marvelously until Twiglet Piglet sneezed, (known hereafter as TP) 

ummm, seem to be missing half of this, but quite amazed, half of it even appeared!

then she sneezed again and in a few days was no longer staying with us but back where once she came from, receiving daily care, until she got better. every day after school Our #4 walks over to see her and he has noted, her hair is growing daily. he then looked it up and exclaimed TP could have hair as long at 36 inches and explained in great detail how we flatten the hair with cardboard and string just until the moment she is judged at the competition... ummm, what competition would that be then?!

thing three:
alas and alack again. a few days back Mister Muchly did a sneeze to end all sneezes. (known hereafter as MM) those sort of sneezes send a little piggie into the air. we laughed it off, we told ourselves, twas nothing to worry about, MM was just having a bit of a giggle, twas all. 48 hours later MM is now on meds and we have high hopes his sneezing and wheezing will come to an end soon. sadly we are no longer laughing.

we have high hopes 
'Mister Muchly and his trusty side kick Twiglet Piglet' 
will be reunited at some point soon. 

thing four:
i have mentioned to MM in-between the sneezing that although TP indeed makes for a trusty sidekick when adventures come their way, he might want to consider the fact TP might not be able to see when danger approaches or pesky criminals need to be chased, for her hair may well get in her eyes. i am also fearful when they take chase, TP could in fact not get very far having problemos not tripping over her hair. MM says he will not hear another thing about it and will cross that bridge or small stone when he comes to it. 

thing five:
we are in discussions about TP, her hair and the unknown~ness of how long it may grow (we being me and my lad). 

if she is to be a show piggie, we will need to groom her each and every day and accept wherever she walks, she will walk whilst sweeping. i thought this was quite good and wondered just how much floor debris a small piggie can gather under her skirts and then do you collect them up and give them a little shake (a kindly shake, please please know, no piggie was harmed in my thought process) above the kitchen bin, and then set them down to go about their piggie sweeping ways. on the other hand, long locks are quite the responsibility and i pointed out to Our #4 that neither of us were tres good with long hair responsibilities. after some research it has been determined if we are to not show TP (which truth be told, i do not think i am cut out for the piggie circuit) we must trim TP every month. having cut my 'lads of three' hair since two of them first roamed this earth the responsibility of TP's monthly haircuts has fallen into my care... oh

thing six:
for all those who may be thinking, "ummm, Tif, hello, MM is a laddie and TP is a lassie. do you not think it might be a match made in heaven and more than you bargained for?" rest assured, we have no worries, for Mister Muchly despite his name and being called a he, is really a she! 

righty ho... shop talk again

i am thinking this little lot of handmade-ness will be the last for a while to be in my shop

the next few weeks are tres busy with 'this and that' 
and then i am going on some travels of the utmost kind.
i would like to spend all day every day making handy dandy project sacks
but alas, i must wait until late spring for more sack making moments.

i was just going to pop them in my shop,
however some folks do like to know when this will be ahead of time.
so it is looking to be thursday 27th March at 8am pacific time
and for the first time in many many moons, 
there will be a few apron wraps.

hurrah, hooray, and voila!

handy dandy fruitiness ...

on thursday i did not get out of my pj's at all, i stayed quite fruity all the way through to the following day, spending my time wisely in my happy place, making handy dandy project sacks. 

i told myself i could not keep one... 
at the end of the day, i thought perhaps it might be 'a-okay' if i kept just one however i could not decide, for truth be told i wanted to keep them all forever and ever, but i will not because a) that is wrong b) tis against the code i made up several years ago and c) i have no need for all these project sacks.

i decided whilst merrily beavering away with Miss Ethel patching and piecing things together, i haven't felt quite this way since first making my apron wraps. there is something rather therapeutic about making them, and as my heart truly loves a coloured embroidered vintage linen, i am muchly happy spending all day in their company.

on friday i awoke, still in same pj's and not only fruity but now quite whiffy. as i had a meeting up at Tolt, i felt it might be wise to shed my pj's, freshen up the old fruitiness and thus, not offend anyone in the store. for indeedy, when you go to a yarn store you do like to smell wool and lanolin and in our case, all the amazing reclaimed wood and you do not wish to smell fruitiness and whiffiness coming from Tif.

before embarking on my country road drive, i thought how wise it would be to take my new yarny knitty project on a jolly outing with me and even wiser to test drive a handy dandy project sack. so i 'ip dip sky blued' till i found my willing victim.

 i noted upon placing my rather oatmealy creation inside of my handy dandy project sack, just how handy dandy it was. 

i enjoyed quite immensely pulling the drawstring, then un-pulling it several times to check upon my projects safety. 

my knitty project assured me it felt most safe and sound, was ready for the off and was muchly happy not to be rolling around the bottom of my basket gathering fluff, crumbs and whatnot, as is usually the way.

today the shed is half empty, (well its always half empty with my girls gone), so the shed is three quarters empty and i am taking advantage of this on a sunday morn and will remain once again in pj's not quite so fruity, just a hint and wander back into my 'atelier of sorts' to start on more handy dandy project sacks...

 for yesterday i came across several linens on my travels who asked if they could possibly come home with me and who was i to say no! since then all through the night, after a nice little bath (not me, just them) they have been whispering my name, and i can no longer ignore them...

for those who may like to know, i will be adding a few handy dandy project sacks into my shop window later this week 
(however (not wishing to disappoint), the one in the second photo has already found a home with a friend and work colleague at Tolt so will not be making an appearance in my shop)

make me ...

i ran out of steam yesterday,
so today i am staying in my pj's
smelling quite fruity
beavering away in my 'atelier of sorts'
with Miss Ethel.

not a manic sort of beavering.
but a 'feed my crafty soul
and heal my tired old bones'
sort of beavering

for as my lovely friend Jennette says,
'make to mend'
the older i get
the more
i realize
this has always been the case for me

and the winner is....

ah yes indeedy!

we have a winner for the TEND magazine giveaway
chosen by Our #3 and #4 combined with a bit a maths trickery,
and that peachy winner is

hurrah hooray!

and for those that still wish to hoppity skip over and purchase a copy of TEND magazine, you can use the code DOTTIE20 to get a discount all the way up until the 20th of March

righty ho, how marvelous, i will be back soon with other things to note, i cannot promise thrilling things to note nor particularly riveting things to note, but i can promise notes of some form or other which i think is perfectly acceptable all things considered

what things? i do not know, i am just considering them and by doing so feel muchly better about things, tis all

this and that, that and this... blessed

yesterday i noted upon driving out to Tolt, seeing how the sun was shinning brightly and the mountains in the distance were quite spectacular, i noted as i have always done since moving here 14 years ago, just how jolly ginormous the sky is when its blue. i cannot decide whether i imagine it, but for some reason this is the only place i have ever been to where i notice just how big the sky is. and when i do this, i can not help but also note, how good life can be on days like that.
so i proceeded to count my blessings as i drove

blessing one: the sky is so blue and so big

blessing two: used dog is still wobbly but doing muchly better

blessing three: after only one week on my histamine elimination diet my whole body is beginning to make a turn around and i feel better than i have felt in the past 3 years

blessing four: so many lovely folks came to my etsy store re-opening it quite blew me away

blessing five: on saturday i am going to a knitting show, a vogue knitting show no less, i have never been before and am quite giddy to see what it is all about

blessing six: Mr Sun in my back yard

blessing seven: my 'atelier of sorts' is coming together

blessing eight: Barry the Bullet (an extractor gadget) is saving my body one green gunk drink at a time

blessing nine: there is so much goodness in the world despite only hearing the crappity crap most of the time on the telly

blessing ten: that i have the ability to acknowledge small blessings

thank you kindly to all those who visited my shop and stopped by on facebook to visit a while. i feel blessed to have you in my life and with that, i wish you a most blessed and peaceful weekend dearies and will announce the winner of the TEND giveaway on monday 
muchly hugs 

shop talk...

ah yes indeedy, shop talk it is...
my etsy store is opening its door tomorrow
wednesday 12th March
8am pacific time 
(please note we sprung forward this past weekend so if you did not,
then you may wish to double check time differences)

there will be a  SPIFFY SALE SECTION
and a happy discount code PEACHY10 for 10% off any purchases over $20 
(sale and regular prices)

righty ho, well i am thinking this is quite grandly and a little bit marvelously
and i hope you do too

The Patron Saint of Everything

"To other Saints Our Lord seems to have given power to succour us in some special necessity — but to this glorious Saint, I know by experience, He has given the power to help us in all. Our Lord would have us understand that as He was subject to St. Joseph on earth — for St. Joseph, bearing the title of father and being His guardian, could command Him — so now in Heaven Our Lord grants all his petitions. I have asked others to recommend themselves to St. Joseph, and they, too, know the same thing by experience" 
- St Teresa of Avila

Imagine being able to command God!  What awesome responsibility and honour was that of our Saint. If while on earth St Joseph could ask his Foster-Son anything and receive it, why should anything have changed now that they are together in heavenly glory?  Go to St Joseph in all your needs and be confident of being heard!

Our Shrine to St Joseph on Papa Stronsay, erected for the nine days of his Novena.  We owe so much to St Joseph, not least the fact that we live on the Holy Island of Papa Stronsay.  

Please continue, dear Saint, to watch over us with your protection and intercession that with your help, and that of your spouse, Mary, we may all be found worthy to enter into eternal glory.  Amen.

TENDing to a blog hop today...


i have never ever ever done a blog hop before, truth be told things like that seem to be quite a responsibility and i am tres pants the moment i am given a deadline. however i was given plenty of time and i told myself this was a blog hop of the utmost importance and how fortunate was i to be invited to participate, and then all was well again...

TEND is a new online magazine which you may well have heard whispers or indeed shouts about around the blog-sphere. it is the brain child of Debbie from the blog my so called life life and other lies whom i have had the most loveliest of pleasures to know for quite the years in blogging land. she has a most fabby team of contributors who helped her bring life to her online magazine dream and you can find out who they are over here
i do think the title does a jolly good job about explaining what it is all about in a nutshell...

to nourish the head, the hand, the heart and the home
to take note of the bonds within your family, your world, and others in the world
to care about the food you put on your table and where it came from
to be inspired to live more cleanly and more ethically
to be incouraged to TEND to the small things in our day to day life
so we may in turn find happiness and harmony in the small things.
and perhaps in turn, the big things will follow and fall into place

yes, it is a magazine full of inspiring images, but it goes way beyond that, it is filled with sound advice, not tricky to understand or follow, simple recipes for healthy eating, ideas for the home and garden, educational topics for children and crafting how-tos (you will find one from me in there) which includes a knitting pattern, a sewing pattern, a bird project and other creative activities to do as a family or indeed as just yourself. it really has a lot of jolly good advice for folks to make a more informed choice of how they wish to TEND to their well being and that of those around them. 

you can also find quite brilliantly, a free seed packet template to print off and the bird embroidery patterns are available free to everyone who signs up for the newsletter. well that is quite marvelous! but wait, there is more... ("really Tif?"... "oh yes indeedy" say i)

if perchance you would like to win a free copy of TEND you can leave a comment here and i have a spiffy code to share which will give you 20% discount on the cost of TEND too. just enter in DOTTIE20 in the right little place for it to do its magical thing.

and last but not least, next on the blog hopping trail is the most peachy Heather from Shivaya Naturals where you can have another chance at winning a copy of TEND too! oh hurrah hooray.

or you can visit all these lovely folks who hopped before me and enter there too!

beauty that moves

here we are together

wholly rooted

patch of puddles
for further nitty gritty on this rather refreshing and quite extra ordinary online publication you can found out all the nitty gritty by visiting here 

righty ho, happy monday to those that are just beginning, or ending, and happy tuesday to those just beginning... i am hopful that covers all around the globe :)

a good day...

today is a good day, i knew it would be because i went to bed telling myself so. i have learnt that the thoughts of our todays contribute to our tomorrows. sometimes i lose my path and this week i know i did, but at least these days i am aware i am doing so. that in its self is a huge improvement.

and so i awoke with a lightness i have not felt in quite the while and was tres keen to continue day 2 on my elimination diet. over the past year and a half i have continued quietly upon my merry (well not quite at times) searching ways trying to understand what ails my body, and i have high hopes those searching ways have come to an end thanks to my soul sister and her 'detective cap wearing ways'. 

whether my feelings of seeing a change in the right direction are real or imagined, i do not care, i only care that today i hear my body thanking me for not giving up and for continuing upon this path until an answer has been found and perhaps that answer is histamine intolerance. who knows, it will be a while till i do. however for now i am feeling good today, and that in itself is worth taking time to acknowledge, to be thankful for and to marvel at how such a small imbalance left over time can produce such chronic symptoms.

The Mass of the Five Wounds

Salisbury Cathedral

The Sarum rite of Mass was one of the rites of celebrating Mass in use in England before the reformation.  It is more properly called the Rite of Salisbury and originated as the Rite used in the Cathedral of that place.  One Mass in particular was extremely popular with the English people: the Mass of the Five Wounds.  In the Sarum missal, just before the text of this Mass is related the story of how it came to be:

"S Boniface the pope was sick, even unto death; and he urgently besought God to prolong his life in this world. God sent to him S Raphael the Archangel with the Office [the word Officium can also mean the Introit] of the Mass of the Five Wounds of Christ, saying to the Pope “Get up and write this Office, and you shall say it five times; and straightway you will receive health. And what priest soever shall devoutly celebrate this Office for himself or for another sick person five times, he shall receive health and grace, and in the future shall possess life eternal, provided he perseveres in good. And in whatsoever tribulation a man shall be set in this world, if he procures from a priest that this Office be said for him five times, without doubt he shall be set free. And if it shall be said for the soul of one departed, immediately after it shall have been completely said, that is, five times, his soul shall be loosed from pains”. 

Pope S Boniface therefore, hearing these things, immediately got up in the place where he lay sick, and conjured him [the angel] by Almighty God that he should depart from him without any danger to himself, and should straightway give a sign who he was, and for what purpose he had come to him. He [the Angel] at once said that he was the archangel Raphael sent to him from God, and promised that the things listed above would without doubt be ratified. Pope s Boniface then confirmed the Office by his apostolic authority, granting to all, truly confessed and penitent, who should say it for the fifth time, a seventh part of the remission of all their sins. And likewise, he loosed in the Lord forty days of mortal sins and one year of venial sins to all who should procure the aforesaid office to be said."

Salisbury Cathedral

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