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a book of Granny Chic goodness... no less!

hurrah hooray! for today is THEE day i am able to tell you some tippity top big news kind of stuff. the sort of big news worthy of a ‘ta dah’ or two. so if i may be so bold i will indeed go with not one, but two ‘ta dahs’.
ta dah! ta dah!
and a small drum roll, not a huge ‘marching band’ one but more the sort you can achieve quite nicely with a small being, a wooden spoon and a saucepan lid, for that sort of drum roll is most fitting for what i am about to announce. for my announcement does come with a certain amount of madness and insanity… and after my announcement has been made, it will be followed by a month of life resembling that living with a small being clattering around with stick and lid, day and night testing my sanity, but it will be ‘oh so worth it’ i have no doubt. yes, Mr Doubter if you are reading this, you are not invited to the party.

so without further a do,
my most thrilling news is, along with my crafty buddy Rachelle, of whom i have mentioned many times before, we will be penning a book together! a Granny Chic book no less, filled with crafty recipes and inspiration for living the granny chic life. we are tickled granny knicker pink right now to know come this autumn our Granny Chic book will be available on fine and dandy book shelves out in the world, for fabby crafty folks such as you, our dear readers, to stumble upon

and the reason why we fear for our insanity? the short time frame in which we must pen all our granny chic wisdom and crafty ‘know-how’ alongside a cluster of peachy recipes for fabric, yarn and paper. however we are quite sure, hand in hand separated by a pond, clogs upon our feet and rose coloured specs firmly upon our noses, we can tread this path together and come out the other side victorious. of course, we may be a little more bedraggled than when we began, clogs a little more worn, rose coloured specs taped together and hanging by a thread, but in our hands we will be proudly holding our first Granny Chic book for others to be inspired by. and that there, without a doubt, will be worth a month or two of madness.

you may not hear from us for a little while, we will be switching off so we can do our utmosts at making the book we see inside of our heads become a reality. from time to time a snippet here or a snippet there will appear… and of course not forgetting in a little while a new clan member will arrive at mossy shed and i would so like to share her with you so i will be sure to remove my ‘book pennings’ cap for that peachy moment and ‘show and tell’ our new arrival.

so my dearest readers, thank you for allowing me to shout out two ‘ta dahs’ for this thrilling day of news, i wish you many moments of crafty goodness in your little nests whilst i am sitting in mine, ‘book penning’ cap firmly on my bonce, kept in place with bobby pins. nice ones in granny colours. i plan to sleep in my ‘granny chic book writing’ attire also, never taking it off for one second over the coming month, except for the occasional spin in Mrs W. Machine. i will be living and breathing our granny chic book… yes siree! this truly is quite an adventure, one i did not see myself doing until recently but then again, as is always the way i find, the things you do not plan for nor think of, but pop up from serendipitous circumstances are often the besty best kind of adventures to have. 

and best of all, having a crafty buddy such as the extra ordinary Rachelle of Ted & Agnes to share the adventure with, makes it all the more of a peachy adventure.


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